Our impact on the environment

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Why should we care about the environment? Use Reusable Bags/ Print as Little as Necessary/Recycle/ Use a Reusable Beverage Containers/ Don’t Throw Your Notes Away/Save Electricity!/ Save Water and so on. I have already discussed these with my students.So we decided to clean our schoolgarden.Then we will plant trees.The best way to inspire a love for nature is to start teaching it at a young age. It prompted opportunity for education, like explaining that we can’t just throw a tree or shrub in the ground and walk away. We had to emphasize that planting a tree in an urban environment is not the same as a tree growing in a forest and that a tremendous amount of care is needed.We must take care of these trees.The newly planted trees will clean the air. They not only enrich the students and residents’ lives, they enrich the earth that they now inhabit. As the gardens start to flower, they will attract bees, birds, and butterflies — all of which we need to pollinate food gardens in village.


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